Estate Planning

To protect, preserve and manage your estate/assets during and post your life. An estate planning incorporates the accumulation, conservation and finally distribution of an estate. Ever thought what will happen to your hard earned wealth in case you are not around? Still postponing planning of estate by considering it's a discretionary expenses?

In absence of estate planning, you may lose control of the distribution, taxation of assets and leave allotment to chance and outside forces.

Make things easier for the people you love. Find out how estate planning benefit you and your loved ones?

Estate planning ensures that your assets both physical and financial are inherited only those to whom you want them to be transferred in your absence

Estate planning preserve your wealth for later generations

Estate planning helps minimizing taxes, expenses associated with transferring assets

Estate planning provides support as well as financial stability to your dependents, spouse, children and grandchildren

Estate planning minimize or reduce the taxes and fees that will ultimately have to be paid upon your death

To better ensure that your assets are distributed as you'd like them to be, estate planning is the answer. Estate planning involves developing and implementing a process to ensure distribution of your property during your life and after your death according to your goals, objectives. So that, each loved ones get a slice of a total pie.

Three distinct phases of estate planning we undergo:

Estate creation: Our team of financial advisors assist devising strategies to accumulate an estate and determining risk management techniques to protect it.

Estate conservation: To facilitate estate conservation including titling property, reviewing and updating wills and other legal documents periodically.

Estate distribution: To assist with planning, preparing and setting personal estate planning objectives; or willingly finding a suitable heir to property.

Estate planning process:

Define objectives: Evaluate what you want to achieve as explicitly as possible

Gather and analyze relevant data:  Analyze, compile and collect data including net worth statement, cash flow statement, number of dependents upon you and how long they require it.

Identify strategies: Develop strategies as per your objectives.
Implement: Implement developed strategies so as to maximize goals and minimize taxes.
Monitor and update: Review, check and warrant changes if any to regulate prolonged progress.

Estate planning services includes:

  • Wills & trusts
  • Drafting & execution
  • Asset protection
  • Asset preserving
  • And asset distribution