Health Insurance

Illness or inability to work related injury cannot only leave us emotionally tormenting but at the same time appear to be financially devastating. During the last 20 years, where the cost of health care has increased significantly, it becomes much more difficult to bear the brunt of costly doctor's visit. The soaring cost of medical care has made health insurance a necessity.

  • OPD: Health insurance policies provide special compensation for OPD or outpatient coverage. A visit to doctor for minor infections and other problems are included
  • Doctor's consultation charges, ICU charges and other medical material cost
  • Pre-post hospitalization charges

Types of health insurance plans

  • Individual health insurance
  • Family Floater
  • Senior Citizen Health Insurance
  • Hospitalization Insurance
  • Travel Health Insurance

To understand plan in details, coverage and deductions and know options available under Section 80D of the income tax act, and other rider's benefits, enquire with us today!