Car Insurance

You worked really hard to buy a automobile, enjoyed long trips but you never know how uncertainty can lead to damage and result in huge losses. To amicably meet with such losses, car insurance is most commonly referred and even made mandatory by law.

Coverage against financial loss, damage caused due to accident, collision with other vehicles, a comprehensive car or motor insurance policy give you all round protection, an acute and absolute peace of mind.

Car insurance covers:

  • Fire, Explosion, Self- Ignition, Lightning
  • Burglary/Housebreaking / Theft
  • Riot & Strike
  • Earthquake
  • Flood, Storm, Cyclone, Hurricane, tempest,
  • Accidental external means
  • Malicious Act
  • Terrorism acts
  • While in Transit by Rail/ Road, Inland waterways, Lift, Elevator or Air
  • Land slide / Rock slide
  • Loss or damage against natural calamities i.e. flood, earthquake, fire, explosion, lightning etc
  • Loss or damage against man made calamities i.e. Burglary, theft, accident, damage in transit etc
  • Personal accidental coverage
  • Third party legal liability
  • Necessary medical expenses up to stated limit

Having car insurance will give you an acute peace of mind, protects you from liability lawsuit and ensure complete protection of your car for prolonged period.