Family Office

A comprehensive solution to manage your family's financial and wealth affairs. Family office services are simply the next crucial step towards simplifying increasingly complex life. The scope of our family office here is significantly broader. Far from portfolio management to bringing in value creation strategies, risk management to offering tax optimization investment solutions, legal services to family governance, administrative convenience, family office serves diverse requirements, interests and needs of your family business.

Going far beyond managing wealth, family office services at Proact Financial are far extended to accumulation, preservation and distribution of family wealth and legacy among heirs. We begin with guiding individuals, clients through a sound assessment of past decisions, fresh determination and utmost dedication.

When it becomes herculean to handle finances, selecting a suitable investment avenues, family office services comes into play. Right from asset allocation to designing an investment policy, cash flow management to performance reporting, plan execution to trust administration and succession planning, family office services bring into books complete financial needs.

Family office services include:

  • Asset mapping involves collecting of data on entire assets of the family
  • Tax planning and ongoing compliance
  • Building wealth transfer strategies
  • Business succession planning
  • Insurance evaluation
  • Placement & management
  • Asset allocation & investment oversight
  • Budgeting & cash flow analysis
  • Asset protection planning

Our goal here is to simplify client's life, aggregates resources to facilitate a common interest in financial planning, centralize focus and control family finances such as legal, tax and administration issues. 
Our services are tailored towards fulfilling ultra-high net worth individuals. A wealth is a long-term legacy for current and future generations and not an expenses account that is to be depleted.